One Source Fabrication caters to many industries and offers a variety of services.
Below you will find a list of some of the services and build outs we offer.

We offer these services to clients looking for casework, custom millwork and countertop solutions for their projects.


With state-of-the-art equipment and technology One Source Fabrication can meet your production needs while making sure you are getting a quality product.


We take the time to visit your project site and create templates of your spaces to ensure the best fit possible.


One Source Fabrication has experienced partners with the knowledge and capacity to design useable spaces that will serve your needs. We tailor each design to our customers needs while making sure that we are helping our clients account for situations or challenges that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Shop Drawings

Shop drawings provide valuable information to the contractor. This information might include project conditions, measurements, product information and in some cases even installation instructions. One Source Fabrication has the ability to produce these drawings so that the contractor has what they need when it is time to install your project


Trust One Source Fabrication and our trained staff for the installation of your job. We provide installation services for cabinets, casework, countertops and even custom millwork.

Machine Parts

One advantage to having state of the art equipment is our ability to provide custom CNC and production work to customers who need parts manufactured. We can work with you on rapid prototyping and any production part needs.

One Source Fabrication offers build out services to help create functional building spaces. Below are just a few spaces to consider.

Build Out Services - Kitchenette
Build Out Services - Kitchenette
Build Out Services - Receptionist Desks
Build Out Services - Point of Sale
Build Out Services - Bathrooms
Build Out Services - Healthcare

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